Simple pricing

Our Specto plans scale with your business. Plans are paid monthly. We make it easy to start - and stop - your subscription at any time.

Full users get unlimited access to the Specto retail auditing app and the backoffice application, called Specto Application Manager.

Reporting users have access to the backoffice application.

Up to 5 users

300 euro / month

Each additional full user

30 euro / month

Each additional reporting user

10 euro / month

Up to 100 users

Each additional full user

7,5 euro / month

Each additional reporting user

2,5 euro / month

Up to 25 users

750 euro / month

Each additional full user

15 euro / month

Each additional reporting user

5 euro / month

More than 100 users

Note: The Watson Visual Recognition API service is not included in the above mentioned pricing plans. Price on request.

Get started quickly with Specto

Register here for your 30-day free Specto trial. No credit card required.

After filling in the registration form below you will receive an e-mail with a link to activate your trial. Clicking the confirmation link will automatically start the trial. No installations are required to gain access to the Specto backoffice environment.

Before the end of the trial period we will notify you that the trial period is about to end.

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